Superman is a very popular movie hero.

Lots of people are stuck to the cinema screen to watch him.

However there is a term called, "Superman Curse"

A lot of bad things happened to the people who got involved in Suparman.





What is Suprman Curse?

Superman curse is that bad things happened to the main actors,
George Reeves and Christopher Reeve.
By this incident, Superman curse is widely known by people.

On the other hand Teri Hatcher and other actors got very successful
after they made appearance in Superman movie,
some say that there is no Superman Curse.

Also those bad things happened to George Reeves and Christopher Reeve
are likely to happened in those area, they deny the curse.

However some people take it seriously, so they refused an offer of a big out pay.

Actual examples

Example 1. George Reeves

George Reeves starred in Superman movie and Superman TV show.
After that he had the Superman typecast and ended up with getting no acting job.
A few day before his wedding 16th June 1959,
he departed with his own will in his house.


Exmaple 2. Christopher Reeve

He starred in 4 movies of Superman in 1980s.
While he was playing cross country,
he fell off the horse and got paralysed shoulder down.


Example 3. John F Kennedy

In 1963, John F Kennedy decided to make appearance on Superman,
but on the 11th of Nov in 1963 he departed this world.


Example 4. Fleicher brothers' fallout

Max Fleicher and Dave Fleicher produced "Popeye" "Betty Boop"
and cartoon "Superman".

As soon as they made Superman, they started fallout,
as a result Fleicher studio had financial difficulty.

At the end Fleicher studio was bought by Paramount movies.
After that, Fleicher brothers got fired by Paramount movie.


Example 5. Kirk Eirin

Kirk Eirin starred in Superman in 1940s.
After that he could not get other acting job.
It is sad that he had a strong type cast or he was disliked by the casting manager.



Actual examples

Example 6. Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando played Superman's biological father.
He had several mishaps in his later life.


Example 7. Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor played a genius programmer in "Superman 3".
After 3 years he had a serious disease.


Some people had mishaps after appearance in Superman
but it is hard to conclude.

As stated above, other people have been very successful
after making an appearance in Superman.