Do you know James Dean?

He left us too soon but made a massive impact.
James Dean is forever.

However do we know much about him?
Can we say all his movies?


Let's take a look!!





James Dean's Profile

James Dean

Jimmy Dean(alias)

Born 08/Feb/1931
Dead 30/Sep/1955(24 years old)

From Indiana State United States

Height 170cm

His Biography

He was born under the parents
between the father Winston Dean and mother Mildred Marie Wilson.

At age 9 his mother Mildred suddenly lost weight
and found she had a uterine cancer.
And she passed away.


His father could not care for him,
so he sent him to his aunt and uncle who owned
their farm in Fairmount, Indiana

As soon as he became a senior high school student,
he started having an interest in acting.

And then he went onto UCLA and studied acting.
While studying at university, he made some appearances on TV commercial etc.

However he wanted to pursue acting career path,
so he quit university and moved to New York.

In New York he did a few small roles on some movies.
And in 1955 he finally had
a leading role in a movie called "East of Eden".

Also he got nominated for the Academy Award for this film.

In the same year he had a leading role in "Rebel without a Cause"
and an important role in "Giant".


Again he got nominated for the Academy Award.

On the 30th of Sep 1955 he, Bill Hickman, Collier's photographer Sanford Roth,
and Rolf Wütherich, the German mechanic were heading for Saninas, California
to attend the car race.

Unfortunately they had a massive collision with other car,
and James departed.


On the site the monument was built saying,
"JAMES DEAN 1931 Feb 8 - 1955 Sep 30pm 5:59"

When he was alive, he was asked by a press if race was dangerous or not.
He asnswered,"I never felt dangerous at race but normal road is more dangerous."

Even now at the site of his acident, lots of people dedicate flowers.




Fixed Bayonets! - Doggie(1951)
Sailor Beware - Boxing Trainer(1952)
Has Anybody Seen My Gal? - Copyboy(1952)
Deadline - U.S.A. - Youth at Soda Fountain(1952)
Trouble Along the Way - Football Spector(1953)
East of Eden - Cal Trask(1955)
Rebel Without a Cause - Jim Stark(1955)
Giant - Jett Rink(1956)


Up until "Trouble Alomg the Way", he was just an extra,
so he was uncredited.


In other ewords his main movies wre only 3!
WIth only three, he made such a massive impact in the entire world.

WHat an amazing actor he is!!!!!!!!!!

What is your favourite James Dean's movie?



James Dean has something,
something we cannot express in a word.

That is why he is still our icon.

He deaprted too soon but he is in our heart eternally.