We all know Steve Tyler.
He is a legendary singer from his band Aerosmith.

He sold millions of CD and records etc.

His daughter is Liv Tyler who is a famous actress.

Not just that, he is amazingly a nice guy!






He might be a prohpet?

The shelters name is inspired by Aerosmith's single Janie's Got A Gun. Credit Getty


In 1989 Aerosmith released their first song titled "Janie's Got a Gun".
This song is about a girl(Janie) has been abused by her family.

Interestingly enough, he is putting it int opractice now.

He now is helping girls like Janie in Shelby County.


Somewriters are said to be a prophet.
For example Titanic had been already foreseen by a writer Morgan Robertson
14 years before the actual incident happaned.

So he might be one of the kind!!

Now tyler has been raising fund.
This project is called, "Janie's Fund."

Amazingly, the fund has gathered about $500,000.

With the fund they will fix or renovate the house for the girls
who have been abused or neglected by their family in Menphis region.

They will fix the houses being operated by public funding.

Not just Menphis area, they renovate a house in Atlanta in 2017 as well.

Also in Tennessee state at the end of 2018,
they hepled girls who got out of their foster system
becasue they have reached a certain age.



Real Interaction

The fund has raised more than $4 million.
Each $500,000 has been divided into four states.

Steven Tyler had his own drug issues as well.
Therefore he felt an urge to do something to those girls.

He also visited house several times
and had real interactions with girls in the house.
He sits there with girls and listens to them.

The house also gives a therapeutic care for girls.
Since they have big trauma in their hearts, sot they need to recover from it.

They want gitrls to reunite with their family
or another stable home after a short stay.

Those girls are between 13 to 18 years old most of the time.


He is a legend in singing and his heart!

That is why he's got his sustainable singin career
in the competitive entertainment industry.

We want to listen to more songs by Steve Tylor.