Do you know Carolyn Hartz?

She is over 70 years old but still looks so young.
About 30 years ago she was diagnosed as almost diabetes.

Since then she has not taken any sugar at all.
That is the reason why she looks so young at age 70.

Let's take a look!!





Carolyn Hartz Profile

Carolyn Hartz

Born in 1947

Bust 86.36cm
Waist 71.12cm
Hip 86.36cm

She looks amazing!
It's incredible that she is over 70.

Also she is a grandmother of four.
She does not look a grandmother at all.

She can get by as 40 years old or even 35 years old.

As stated above about 30 years ago she got told
by her doctor that she was one step before diabetes.

And she made up her mind that she will give up taking sugar.
She excluded all the sugar from her diet.

Also she secured time for excercie on a daily basis and
time for 8 hour sleep everyday.

What she did was only this to mantain her youth.

Also she is an entreprenuer and
established her own comapny called "Sweetlife."

This sompany manufactures products substituting sugar with xylitol.

So poducts taste sweet but does not iclude any sugar at all!



Carolyn Hartz Recipe


Title;Sugar Free Baking
Author :Carolyn Hartz
Publisher :SweetLife Australia Pty, Limited, 2016
Page :152 page
Publishe: April 2016

Carolyn Hartz published a book called,"Sugar Free Baking".

This books talks about 60 gluten free recipes without using sugar.

She hopes her recipes can inspire lots of people
to have a healthy diet on a daily basis.

Before she started sugar free diet,
she was a big cheesecake lover.
Also she could finish entire packet of biscuit in one go.

But rather than exclude her favourite foods,
she made a slight change with the food.

After a year, her blood sugar level bcame normal.

What's important is making a slight change on the food,
not giving it up completely.



Giving up ugar is really hard.
But if we see her maintaining her youth and beauty,
we can get motivated to give up sugar.

She is a great role model!!

I really hope that
more people can live a healthy life by giving up sugar!!