Space clearing is the way to clear and rebuild energies in a building.

Living in a clear and beautiful space is very important for our mental health.

If you are living in clutter, you get stressed out.

That is why space clearing is imprtant.

Needless to say, space clearing does exist in Feng Shui!!





Space Clearing in Feng Shui

Space clearing is frequently utilised in Feng Shui.
Space clearing in Feng Shui means clearing the space in an energy level.

Actually space clearing is used in other ancient traditiona cultures
from India, Bali, Peru and so on.

The reason why we have to do space clearing is just simple,
because in our physical level we accumulate dust and dirt in a daily life.
The same happans to us in our mental level.

Mental dust nad dirt are invisible, but they accumulate in our minds.
That stresses us out.

So we must clean them away regularly before they get heavy burden.

Traditionally, in Japan they have a huge cleaning session once a year called, Osoji.
Or we should clean our space after some negative vent such as divorce etc.
Or we can even clear space when we moved in a new place to acclimatise ourselves to it.

Do we have to have any proper ritual of space clearing in Feng Shui?

Do we have to have any proper ritual of space clearing in Feng Shui?

Are there some ways to do space clearing in Feng Shui
but the most important thing is throw away clutters.

You don't need to worry about how.
Just do it.

Just enjoy throwing away clutters.

Be creative and do it.

Put your favorite music on and open the window.
Let the sunshine come into your house.

Burn a candle or insence.

Once you throw away clutters,
you will realise that you are attached to so many things you did not need.

Maybe one day I will need it,
maybe one day I will use,
maybe one day, maybe one day.

But one day never comes.

And you will realise that those things have taken up your space.

Once you realise this, you can throw away clutters one after another.

And then you will feel lighter and lighter.
After all done, you feel so happy and feel like you are having a new birthday.

In Fens Shui, there is a term called, Qi.
Qi is an invisible energy flow found in ancient China.

In oriental medicine the cause of the disease,
illness or even bad luck is the stagnation of Qi.(enegy flow)

Therefore space clearing for Qi to flow freely is very important!



Get a new love with space clearing


If you are confused in your mind, you cannot get a new love.

Your stagnant emotions in your mind, negative experienc from your past love,
they are the ones you must clear.

Actually your feelings are rerlated to your things in your room or house.

If you can clear those things phsically, you can clear feelings mentally as well.

By clearing clutters, you can bring a new tide or new luck into your life.

There are so many people who found new love
after a massive space clearing or throwing away clutters.

As stated above, they made a enough space for Qi to flow freely.

That is how they changed their life.

How do I know if I can thow away or keep it?

When you are throwing away clutters,
sometimes you wonder if you should throw it away or keep it.

So how can know if you should or not?

There are two ways to know.

Number 1   Feel it

Close your eyes and imagine it's gone.
If you feel unbearably sad, that means you should keep it.

If you are not feeling too sad, you can throw it away.



Number 2   Use it or not

Think if you use it in one year time frame or not.

Are you going to use it in 12 months time frame
or you have used it last 12 months.

That is another yardstick to decide.


Space clearing feels amazing!!

After that, you feel much much lighter.
I really want you to feel it and
want you to be lucky in love and everything.

Let us create new space for Qi to move freely!!